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Official Japanese sites

Hey there! Got some more goodies! ^_^

I was surfing and came across the official Japanese NIS site:


And, from there, I was able to access the Japanese sites for all 3 Marl games!

PPOMK: http://nippon1.jp/consumer/marl_kingdom1/ [I'm warning you, don't use Google Translate to read Marjoly's page. It's not nice! >_<)

Little Princess: http://nippon1.jp/consumer/marl_kingdom2/

Tenshi no Present: http://nippon1.jp/consumer/marl_kingdom3/

BONUS! The sites for Marl Jong and Marl de Jigsaw!

MJ: http://nippon1.jp/consumer/marl_jan/frame.html [The Japanese characters for this site are all screwed up, though, so you can't translate it >.>. You should still be able to access some of the features, though.)

MDJ http://nippon1.jp/consumer/marl_jigsaw/ [This site has some wallpaper downloads. Go nuts! You can also find some Fansite links, which is pretty cool. Wish the American branch of NIS was this cool.]

On the Nippon site, you can also find a full list of games that Cornet and Marjoly have appeared in. Pretty useful, huh? ^_^

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