guardianrandy (guardianrandy) wrote in strawberry_cake,

Thousand Arms Manga translation project

Hey, everyone. I don't know if many people check this community, but I figured I'd post this for the few who still do. I figured a lot of fans who got into Rhapsody and the Marl games back in the day may have also played Thousand Arms. I know that's how I first heard about Rhapsody coming out. So I bought one of the Thousand Arms manga 4-panel comic books back in 2004, and I finally got around to scanning and translating it into English for those who are interested in it. I've started posting them to my photobucket account if anyone wants to check them out. I don't know how often I'll update or get around to translating more, but I'll keep posting notifications on here if I get any feedback to prove there are still living souls out there interested.

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