Angel's Present saves

I was playing Angel's Present via an emulator before, but when I got a new PC I forgot to back up my saves (like an idiot). I was hoping someone here had also emulated it and might have a save with all the chapters unlocked so I can go back to where I started. Anyone?

Official Japanese sites

Hey there! Got some more goodies! ^_^

I was surfing and came across the official Japanese NIS site:

And, from there, I was able to access the Japanese sites for all 3 Marl games!

[Cut for links]Collapse )

PPOMK: [I'm warning you, don't use Google Translate to read Marjoly's page. It's not nice! >_<)

Little Princess:

Tenshi no Present:

BONUS! The sites for Marl Jong and Marl de Jigsaw!

MJ: [The Japanese characters for this site are all screwed up, though, so you can't translate it >.>. You should still be able to access some of the features, though.)

MDJ [This site has some wallpaper downloads. Go nuts! You can also find some Fansite links, which is pretty cool. Wish the American branch of NIS was this cool.]

On the Nippon site, you can also find a full list of games that Cornet and Marjoly have appeared in. Pretty useful, huh? ^_^

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Princess Antiphona Soundtrack Review!

I finally got my hands on a .zip folder of the soundtrack, and I've got a review up!

You fellow Marl-heads will be pleased to hear that are two songs that were redone just for this soundtrack that could also be heard in Rhapsody/Little Princess/Angels Present! :D Those two songs are "The Legend of Puppet Princess" and "Sabato" [Song of the Majoligal Faith]! 
Also, a little fun/useless fact: One of the vocalists on this CD is named 'LaLa Sato'! She has no relation to Tenpei, though.............

More information and a tracklist here:

DL LINK: [Not mine]


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Angel's Present video

Hi guys, been a while since I've posted here but I'm coming with goodies so I think that makes up for it. I've been playing Angel's Present on my computer through PCSX2, because I've just now got it to where it's actually playable (last time I tried, half the sprites wouldn't show up). However, the cutscenes with voice acting (and to a lesser extent the other cutscenes) lag kinda bad, so I've decided to start using the emulator's built-in video recording function to just record them and watch them after-the-fact. The emulator will record games at the proper speed whether or not they play on your machine at that speed.

So, since I already had the video, I decided to take the time and use the translation that already exists to make this video. I had to use punctuation and intuition to figure out what bits were what, so I can't guarantee the subtitles match up to the dialogue on screen correctly, but either way it's at least understandable. Here it is:

Since Chapter 3 is the one I wanted to play the most anyway, I will probably be doing this with all of the cutscenes. I can't promise I can take the time to subtitle all of them (we'll just have to see), but I do plan on at least putting up the footage of all of them for this chapter. Hope someone out there enjoys it!

Thousand Arms 4-panel comics

Hey everyone,

I don't know about anyone here at the Marl Kingdom/Rhapsody community, but I first played Thousand Arms before hearing about Rhapsody from Atlus USA back in the day. I've been posting pages of a special comic manga I started translating and wanted to share with anyone who might be interested in giving them a look and didn't know about it.

Thanks! And continue spreading the love of Marl. :D

Full List of Marl Kingdom OSTs

If anyone's wondering, here's a (hopefully) full list of the Marl Kingdom soundtracks. If I've missed one, please tell me!

 Puppet Princess of Marl’s Kingdom OST
Puppet Princess of Marl’s Kingdom Vocal Album
Puppet Princess of Marl’s Kingdom Drama CD-Little Tea Party in the Mysterious Forest (*)
Puppet Princess of Marl Kingdom: The Angel's Song of Love OST (*)
Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure OST
Little Princess II OST
Little Princess II Drama CD (*)
Angel’s Present Standard Edition OST
Angel’s Present 2-Disc Limited Edition OST (*)
The Adventures of Etoile Rosenqueen-Drama CD (*)
La Pucelle OST
La Pucelle Arrange OST
La Pucelle+Ragnorok (*) (I'm still puzzled at how this is different from the standard edtion. Ah, well.)
La Pucelle Drama CD (*)
Princess Antiphona Angel’s Score Opus A Soundtrack 2-Disc Limited Edition OST (*)
Princess Antiphona Angel’s Score Opus A Soundtrack Standard Edition OST (*)
Princess Antiphona Angel’s Score Opus A Radio Drama (*)
Nippon Ichi Software 10th Anniversary Commemoration Charity Concert (Marl Live!) (*)
Marl Jong! OST (*)
Marl de Jigsaw OST (*)

Whoosh! That's a lot of Tenpei Sato! ^^ The albums marked with an asterisk (*) are ones that I'm currently looking for. (Sorry for this huge list!)
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Hii! (New Member)

Hi! I'm Jumpyham. I joined just so I can communicate with other Marl Kingdom fans. It's nice to know I'm not alone in my geekiness :D I found this a few months ago and finally bit the bullet. ^^

So, uum, my favorite characters are Kururu (Puppet) and Crea.
Nice to meet you all!
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