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Angel's Present video

Hi guys, been a while since I've posted here but I'm coming with goodies so I think that makes up for it. I've been playing Angel's Present on my computer through PCSX2, because I've just now got it to where it's actually playable (last time I tried, half the sprites wouldn't show up). However, the cutscenes with voice acting (and to a lesser extent the other cutscenes) lag kinda bad, so I've decided to start using the emulator's built-in video recording function to just record them and watch them after-the-fact. The emulator will record games at the proper speed whether or not they play on your machine at that speed.

So, since I already had the video, I decided to take the time and use the translation that already exists to make this video. I had to use punctuation and intuition to figure out what bits were what, so I can't guarantee the subtitles match up to the dialogue on screen correctly, but either way it's at least understandable. Here it is:

Since Chapter 3 is the one I wanted to play the most anyway, I will probably be doing this with all of the cutscenes. I can't promise I can take the time to subtitle all of them (we'll just have to see), but I do plan on at least putting up the footage of all of them for this chapter. Hope someone out there enjoys it!
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Aww. Thanks so much for doing this. I was actually thinking of doing something very similar, but I would've recorded it through my PS2 via capture cables on my computer. I do that with other game series I translate like Angelique and Harukanaru Toki no Naka De. :)

The music is sped up and choppy underneath the voices on yours, but that's not too bad considering it came from an emulator. Thanks again! :D
Yeah, considering the way it actually plays back, I have absolutely no quarrels with the music coming out poorly. When it plays back, the voices are actually slowed down, so it sounds like eeevvveeerrrryyyooonnnneee's taaaaakinnng theeeiiirrr tiiiiimmmeeeeee. The music is played at speeds I can only describe as randomly chosen. When I'm recording it's even slower than that. So, I'll gladly take slighty sped up music in exchange. It must have something to do with the way the music/voices for these games are stored on the disc, because I had a similar problem with Little Princess when I played it. I played it on an actual console because no emulator I found would play it properly, and I played it using the swap disc trick. I could only get it working by using Rhapsody as the "legit/US" disc in the trick, and I've read it has to do with how many tracks are on the disc. So I guess that's why there are so many quirks when it comes to playing these games.

The reason I chose to only play it on an emulator in the first place is because I've had so many dead PS2s in my time, all of which died due to problems coming from modchips messing up. I can't be bothered to install the different top or whatever for a swap magic disc either. So, I just decided to wait until there was an emulator that could handle it.

I actually did this because I never thought anyone else would take the time to, so I'm glad that someone else was at least considering it! I'm probably only going to do this one chapter because it's so time consuming, so I guess the rest of the game would lay at your future mercy...haha.