Velfarre (_velfarre) wrote in strawberry_cake,

Angel's Present video

Hi guys, been a while since I've posted here but I'm coming with goodies so I think that makes up for it. I've been playing Angel's Present on my computer through PCSX2, because I've just now got it to where it's actually playable (last time I tried, half the sprites wouldn't show up). However, the cutscenes with voice acting (and to a lesser extent the other cutscenes) lag kinda bad, so I've decided to start using the emulator's built-in video recording function to just record them and watch them after-the-fact. The emulator will record games at the proper speed whether or not they play on your machine at that speed.

So, since I already had the video, I decided to take the time and use the translation that already exists to make this video. I had to use punctuation and intuition to figure out what bits were what, so I can't guarantee the subtitles match up to the dialogue on screen correctly, but either way it's at least understandable. Here it is:

Since Chapter 3 is the one I wanted to play the most anyway, I will probably be doing this with all of the cutscenes. I can't promise I can take the time to subtitle all of them (we'll just have to see), but I do plan on at least putting up the footage of all of them for this chapter. Hope someone out there enjoys it!
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